Indonesia's Royal Wedding

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Indonesia's Royal Wedding
Thu 24-10-2013

Indonesia celebrated the Royal Wedding of  Sultan Hamengkubuwono X's fourth daughter Gusti Ratu Kanjeng Hayu, who got married to Kanjeng Pangeran Haryo Notonegoro, of Indonesia, on Monday, 21 October 2013.

The couple has been dating for 10 years; they met at a high school reunion and became more romantically involved when she went to university in Washington and he was in New Jersey.

The event lasted for 3 days and included a huge parade  with 12 royal horse drawn carriages which was held yesterday.

About 750 guests, including many diplomats, were lucky enough to receive invitations for the actual wedding at the palace. An additional 1,500 guests received invitations to the reception that followed.

First on Monday the bride kneeled at her father's feet for a traditional blessing.

Then both, the bride and her groom, 39, went through the purification water bath, staying partially clothed and draped in flowers as they sat eyes closed for a photo shoot.

The groom, works for the United Nations in New York.