Iran Passes Law Allowing Men to Marry 13 Year Old Adopted Daughters

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Iran Passes Law Allowing Men to Marry 13 Year Old Adopted Daughters
Sun 06-10-2013

Iran just passed a new law that allows men to marry their adopted daughters at the age of 13!

This new law has caused major concern that the country's new president is not as progressive as originally thought.

President Hassan Rouhani has been thought of as a new moderate voice in the controversial Middle Eastern government but the approval of the new law shows that the extreme beliefs in the intolerant country have not evaporated.

The law was approved by the Iranian members of parliament and maintains that girls can marry with the permission of their father at the age of 13 and young boys at the age of 15.

Iranian officials argue that the question of fathers marrying their adopted daughters comes out of practicality since adopted girls are forced to wear a hijab around their fathers and mothers must wear it around their adopted sons.

Ms Sadr argues that it is just a legislative ploy to get around the normal bounds of a paternal relationship- with the sexual aspect of a marriage still in full play even though it is being publicly downplayed.

'With this bill, you can be a pedophile and get your bait in the pretext of adopting children,' Lawyer Shadi Sadr, who works for the group Justice for Iran said.

Adapted from: The Daily Mail