Iraqi Bride Divorced Because of Soad Hosny!

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Iraqi Bride Divorced Because of Soad Hosny!
Wed 21-03-2012

An Iraqi bride asked her husband to divorce her on her wedding night! 


After their wedding, the couple headed to the groom's house, but as soon as she entered the room, the bride was shocked by the amount of posters and pictures of the beautiful star Soad Hosny!

Jealousy got the best of her, and she asked her groom to take down the pictures, but he refused.

That is when a huge fight started between them, and lasted all night.

The next day their parents and family all tried to help, but could not do anything about it. The groom completely refused to take any of the pictures down, and the bride would not compromise!

The day ended with the bride going back to her parent's house, as everyone talked about this one of a kind story.