Istanbul is World’s Top Locatıon for Weddings

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Istanbul is World’s Top Locatıon for Weddings
Sun 18-12-2011
According to an interesting study by, an Istanbul-based website that specializes in providing wedding information to prospective couples, Istanbul holds the most wedding receptions in the world, and the wedding industry in Turkey is booming.

The beautiful city has attracted large numbers of couples wanting to get married in Turkey. There were 166,000 wedding receptions held this year in İstanbul, followed by Las Vegas with 114,000.

Survey results show 600,000 couples get married in Turkey each year and that the average marrying age for women is 24 and for men 27. An estimated 240 guests attend each wedding reception. The report also indicates that 70 percent of couples search for wedding information online while planning their wedding and that a wedding in Turkey costs on average TL 25,000. Turkey has a TL 30 billion share in the global wedding industry. Shopping malls with a wedding theme such as Kuyumcukent attract on average 150,000 visitors each month. Stores in Kuyumcukent vary from bridal gown and tuxedo shops to jewelry and home décor shops.

The jewelry industry in Turkey generates $5.5 to $6 billion a year, with 65% of the market in Istanbul and 55% of spending on wedding jewelry. Bridal gown and dowry expenses in Turkey range from TL 10,000 to TL 30,000, and half of the 600,000 brides each year choose to rent their wedding gown. A bridal store owner told the Akşam daily that “Istanbul draws many bridal-gown shoppers from around the world, especially from the Middle East and the Balkan countries as well as Iran and Greece.” She then stressed that the rising number of bridal-gown shoppers come to Istanbul because of the major design talent in Turkey and added that “Istanbul has become a well-known city for any kind of shopping activity.”

Istanbul’s luxury hotels and venues often host foreign weddings and according to a luxury hotel manager who was quoted by Akşam daily, 40% of couples that hold wedding receptions each year come from abroad, especially Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Greece, North America and Russia as well as Europe. Most of these couples also prefer Turkish cuisine at their wedding.