IWED 2012 in Doha: Robert Abi Nader, Sarah Haywood, and Vera Wang!

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IWED 2012 in Doha: Robert Abi Nader, Sarah Haywood, and Vera Wang!
Thu 05-04-2012

We mentioned previously that Sarah Haywood will be at the opening of the IWED bridal event taking place in Doha this week.

This is what Sarah Haywood posted on her Facebook page regarding her first day in Doha:
"The first full day of my Doha adventure has been magical. I was honored to officially open iWED 2012 together with the 'King of Lebanese Couture' and Yves Saint Laurent trained Robert Abi Nader."
"I was unexpectedly most privileged this evening to be invited to attend a traditional Qatari wedding in a private palace with over 500 guests - all of them women. I was one of only two western ladies present and severely under-dressed (but was wearing great shoes - a pair of Swarovski crystal encrusted Gina heels!)."
"It was clear that this was a million dollar plus affair - and that was just the bride's jewellery. She processed along a catwalk and was then showered with money by several of her existing and new relatives as she sat on a huge throne of roses. These amazing, warm, friendly and generous women then put on their black abayas and the groom arrived to claim his new bride."
"Photography is not allowed inside these traditional Arab weddings, but a blog will definitely follow. Tomorrow's highlight is a Wedding Clinic at the beautiful St Regis resort, Doha (where I'm being royally looked after and have my own butler!). I am overwhelmed by the interest being shown in my visit and the kindness being bestowed upon me."
Thatطs not it! Vera Wang was also one of the exhibitors at the event!
Vera Wang owner Maryah Al-Dafa explained: "Vera Wang has brought a new range of wedding dresses to the event this year as we are attempting to recreating the actual bridal street in New York or London for our clients here."
"We are introducing a bit of different flavours for 2012 dresses by making use of different materials, new models and a lot of colours as we are deviating a bit from just making the traditional white wedding gowns but also introducing unusual colours like grey or black as accessories."
According to Gulf Times:
"For the rest of the days throughout  iWED, there will be seven fashion shows by top name brands. 

Today, which is a ladies-only day will showcase three fashion shows by Ali Beydoun, Al Mothahajiba and Pronovias from 6:30pm-9pm.

 There will be a second fashion show tomorrow by Pronovias followed by Hadi Katra from 7:30pm-9pm. 

 On Saturday, there will be another show by Ibrahim Khachans’ followed by a second fashion show by Al Mothahajiba from 6:30pm-8pm.

 iWED is open from 3pm-9pm everyday."