Jamal Taslaq Presents his Fall/Winter Couture Collection 2012/2013

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Jamal Taslaq Presents his Fall/Winter Couture Collection 2012/2013
Wed 11-07-2012

With imagination and senses at play, Jamal Taslaq sets off on a long and delightful journey into the marvels of Mother Nature. He captures its autumnal moods and motions and lets them flow before our eyes in his Autumn/Winter couture collection 2012/2013.

Jamal Taslaq’s capacity to delight is due to his gift of paying attention; a gift that led him to clock nature’s tiny miracles of transformation. Here is a swiveling fall of a leaf turning into a draped evening gown exuding femininity... How about the sun spreading its carpet of rays over the autumnal ground turning it into looming shades of gold and bronze with the more subtle hues of burgundy, wine-red, dark green and many shades of Nile blue and turquoise on his cocktail dresses and tailleurs. The candid snow white mantle turns into a sumptuous wedding dress making the waiting bride cry YES! What a delight!

In a game of leather-working techniques, Jamal Taslaq makes silk, crepe and georgette compete with Napa and suede leather for softness, giving way to innovative textures. Sculpted, embroidered or interlaced, the result is an amazing array of garments matched with state of the art hand bags and shoes with bronze or wooden high heels.

Once again, this is Jamal Taslaq’s lesson of style in which he dares to introduce the element of leather into the realm of haute couture in an ever new form of pure art.