Jamie Oliver to Help Angelina Gain Weight Before Wedding

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Jamie Oliver to Help Angelina Gain Weight Before Wedding
Thu 10-05-2012

Angelina Joile wants to gain 10 lbs (4.5 kg) before getting married to Brad Pitt in August. So she elisted the help of British chef Jamie Oliver to help her gain the weight by giving her recipes for hearty healthy meals.

A source said: 'Angelina has decided she'd like a more shapely figure when she weds Brad and is hoping to gain 10 pounds. Brad and Angie have asked Jamie to suggest some recipe ideas for them.'

But it won't be heaps of caviar and lavish food, Jamie is reportedly giving Brad recipes of favourite English dishes like bangers and mash to help Angelina gain the weight. The source continued, "Ange never cooks so Brad's now knocking up some English dishes like shepherd's pie and bangers and mash...".

Jamie Oliver has been to Brad and Angelina's home numerous times. They have a similar sense of humour and are all down to earth. The couple have reportedly turned to Jamie Oliver in the past for culinary help, with Brad taking cooking lessons from him in 2011.