Japanese Wedding Hall Pays $5,800 for 30 Grapes

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Japanese Wedding Hall Pays $5,800 for 30 Grapes
Thu 10-07-2014

A Japanese wedding hall operator recently purchased about 30 ruby roman grapes at an auction for 550,000 yen (about $5,800).

The bunch weighs about 28 ounces.

The brand name grapes are a specialty in Ishikawa prefecture.

According to the wedding hall operator who made the purchase, the fruit (which cost nearly $200 a piece) will be served at an upcoming reception.

He said he was surprised at the higher-than-expected price, but hopes the grapes will make for a very special wedding banquet.

About 30 bunches of the grapes were auctioned off, with the $5,800 bunch fetching the highest price.