Jayma Mays Wears Wedding Dress on Glee Set

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Jayma Mays Wears Wedding Dress on Glee Set
Tue 22-01-2013

Glee's Emma Pillsbury will finally tie the knot with teacher Will Schuester.
Actress Jayma Mays, who plays the OCD inflicted school guidance counselor, stepped out on the Hollywood set of the show looking stunning in a bridal gown and veil on Monday.

And despite the warm Los Angeles temperatures, snow covered the ground for a magical wintry scene.
Her dress featured suitable lacy sleeves for the cold climate, and she wore her red hair in loose curls with a mid length veil placed on top of her head.

Last year, the actress said she envisioned a basic wedding dress for her character's big day.
"Emma is a very simple girl, so it has to be clean, and it needs to be simple," she told People. "This will be the fourth or fifth wedding dress that she’s worn on the show."

"Nothing will ever top picking your own wedding dress, but there is something exciting about picking one out for a character," she said. "You can be a little bit sillier, or a little bit crazier than you would be in real life."