Jealous Woman Makes Partner Take Lie Detector Every Time He Leaves the House

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Jealous Woman Makes Partner Take Lie Detector Every Time He Leaves the House
Sat 15-11-2014

Debbi Wood, from Leicester, got married to her partner, but it was not very easy for him to marry her!

The jealous bride let her groom take lie detector tests everyday, she also checks his phone, email accounts and bank statements several times a day to find any hint of infidelity.

But the 42-year-old doesn't just have a problem with trusting her partner Steve Wood, she is suffering from Othello Syndrome, a psychiatric disorder that causes sufferers to believe their partners have been unfaithful. even if they have no evidence of it.

The pair began dating two years ago after meeting through a friend, and despite Steve having to put up with being banned from watching women on TV or looking at pictures of them in magazines, he's stuck by her.

And now Debbi is relieved after being diagnosed with the disorder in September, but admits she has a way to go before she can overcome her issues.

"Even if Steve pops out for 15 minutes to buy a pint of milk, I make him take a lie detector test as soon as he gets home."

She said: "I didn't mean to fall in love again after my last relationship but Steve stole my heart."

Steve was later discovered to have been seeing another woman around the time he met Debbi.

He claimed that his long-distance affair with Debbi meant he wasn't sure of they were an exclusive couple.

Debbi forgave him but began to wonder if he would ever remain faithful to her, and when they moved in together, she began to monitor his every move.

Childproof filters were installed on his laptop and mobile phone to stop any saucy pictures being viewed and his viewing habits were put under strict control.

Debbi, who also suffers from bipolar and body dysmorphic disorders, added: "One night, an advert for a women's razor came on television and I felt panicky thinking that Steve was eyeing the model up.

He said: "I'm willing to put up with it, because I know we're soulmates."

"She's so special to me and a bit of jealousy here and there won't change that."