Jelly Beans at Weddings Becoming Latest Craze!

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Jelly Beans at Weddings Becoming Latest Craze!
Sun 09-09-2012

Jelly beans in all colors and flavors are now becoming the latest trend in posh weddings.

According to Pall Times: "The versatile sweets add for a new twist on the traditional wedding bonbonnieres. Savvy brides are filling satin bags with bright jewel-like jelly beans. Bridal showers, too, offer another place to make a sweet, yet personal, statement. According to jelly bean maker Jelly Belly Candy Company, many brides and moms are scooping up the company's new mint trio flavors."

At some weddings, guests are invited to scoop their own selection of flavors from a gorgeous reception table filled with huge bowls of pink grapefruit, cotton candy, raspberry and strawberry daiquiri jellybeans.