Jennifer Aniston Becomes Co-Owner of Hair Brand "Living Proof"

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Jennifer Aniston Becomes Co-Owner of Hair Brand "Living Proof"
Sat 20-10-2012

Jennifer Aniston is known for her fabulous hair!
Now she is investing in a new partnership with Living Proof.
The actress will be the co-owner and hair care spokesperson for the brand.

Jennifer said in a press statement: "What caught my attention about Living Proof is the company's unique approach to hair care, using scientific technologies to offer women actual proof in a bottle rather than hoping for results."
"My hair has taken a serious beating. After using these products, I felt like I finally discovered a solution that works every day."

Jennifer won't be a silent partner in this business venture. Her responsibilities for the brand will include working with stylists and scientists to create new products, developing the Living Proof brand, and marketing.