Jennifer Aniston Talks About Getting Married to Justin Theroux

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Jennifer Aniston Talks About Getting Married to Justin Theroux
Sat 13-06-2015

Jennifer Aniston says that fiancé Justin Theroux has been the highlight of the last ten years of her life.

"He's the best thing this decade," the 46-year-old actress told People.

Aniston insists that, although engaged for nearly three years and still not married, she and Theroux, will, at some point, tie the knot. At the ceremony, Theroux, 43, will don "a gold chunky ring," according to Aniston.

"He's got a lot of hardware. He wears a chain. He has a gold chunky ring," she said. "When we get married he will be wearing his ring."

Aniston and Theroux apparently share beauty products. As to why, the "Friends" actress told Elle, "Guys are lazy. They use what's in front of them. He has his own toothbrush, of course, and in an emergency then we'll share. I like my toothbrush."

After brushing her teeth, Aniston, who is writing a cookbook, makes herself breakfast, then exercises.

"I usually have warm water with lemon first thing in the morning if I can remember. Otherwise I'll have a cup of coffee, feed the dogs, then a shake, eggs and a little avocado and a little coconut oil on Ezekiel whole wheat toast," she told Elle.

"Then I usually read the paper and hit the gym. I have the Smart Water bottle that's 23 ounces. I make sure I get three or four in of those a day. It's such a habit for me now. So many people are water lazy; it's such an important thing."

Aniston, it seems, is a morning person. She's even a fan of what could best be described as "morning smells."

"I love the smell of coffee," she said, "coffee beans, the ocean, ocean air, mornings when I go out and walk my dogs. Freshly cut green grass. I wear the fragrance that I made."

Source: Design Trend