Jennifer Aniston Wants Revenge on Angelina Jolie?

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Jennifer Aniston Wants Revenge on Angelina Jolie?
Sun 06-05-2012


Rumor has it that Jennifer Aniston has called off her wedding to Justin Theroux because of Angelina Jolie!

The Enquirer now reports that Aniston is outraged that her bitter love rival has stolen her thunder once again, by announcing her engagement.

The Insider explained that "Jen and Justin’s marriage would have been THE wedding of the year, but Angie went and hijacked Jen’s special moment."

Wait! According to Gossip Cop this is all false and far from the truth! Jennifer Aniston NEVER had wedding plans to cancel and she did not collapse over the Brangelina engagement news. Gossip Cop claims that an insider told them: "The Enquirer is making all of this up."

Well, it seems that no one actually knows what's going on between Jennifer and Angelina, but we will sure find out!