Jennifer Aniston's Beauty Secret? Vaseline!

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Jennifer Aniston's Beauty Secret? Vaseline!
Wed 11-07-2012

The 43 year old star revealed her favorite beauty secret, which keeps her looking young and flawless!
The actress smooths Vaseline under her eyes to fight and hide wrinkles!

Every night, she religiously smooths trusted beauty stand-by Vaseline below each eye.


The beautiful star also starts her morning by filling her sink with water and ice cubes and dips her face in it to shrink the pores and reduce puffiness around her eyes.

Another beauty secret revealed by the star, is her DIY facial ritual:

-She starts by steaming her pores for ten minutes.
-She then applies a gentle cleanser and toner, followed by Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion.
-Next she gives herself a ten-minute facial massage to stimulate skin cells and help tighten her muscles, finishing with Dr LeWinn's Ultra R4 Restorative Cream.
-Then she applies a vitamin A treatment from Anna Lotan called Rénova, which she leaves on for another 10 minutes, in which time she smooths vitamin E capsules on to her shins and elbows.
-The final touch is the quarter of a teaspoon of Vaseline under each eye.

Quite an effort we know, but looking as flawless as Jennifer Aniston can't be easy!