Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult Breakup

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Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult Breakup
Fri 01-08-2014

Jennifer Lawrenc and Nicholas Hoult recently broke up!

The two first got together while filming X-Men First Class a few years ago and they dated for a long while until Jennifer decided to take a break.

About 6 months after winning her Oscar, Jennifer decided that she wanted Nick back and started rallying to reconcile.

The two eventually found there way back together but Nick needed to be convinced that it was for the best and for a while he was meeting with other women like Riley Keough, Lisa Marie Presley’s daughter.

Back in May there were rumors of a hook up between Nick and his newest costar, Kristen Stewart. 

Nick was spotted at No. 8′s “Philo Prom” party in NYC and according to Page Six he was awfully close with Riley Keough.