Jennifer Lopez To Release Song Explaining Divorce To Her Kids

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Jennifer Lopez To Release Song Explaining Divorce To Her Kids
Sun 27-01-2013

Jennifer Lopez decided it's time to talk to her children about her divorce from Marc Anthony, so she decided to write a song to explain it to them.


We all know kids love to ask questions and J-Lo's 4 year-old twins Max and Emma are no different, constantly grilling their mum about what happened with their dad.

"I actually just wrote a song about it and just recorded it funnily enough, because I wanted to explain to them without out explaining it to them. It is a beautiful song."

"But there something inside of me that was struggling with that part of things."

"I feel like God gives me the words every time because every time they do it I get a rush of panic through my body and I'm like ''Oh my god, what do I say?''

In her latest movie, also starring Jason Statham, she plays a new divorcee.  "It was kind of perfect to be honest, because I was very in touch with all the emotions," Jennifer said.
"I play a character who is really literally at the worst point of her life. She's divorced, she's pushing forty and her work isn't doing well and she is living with her mum."

"So she's at the worst point of her life and at that moment when I was doing the movie, I felt the same way."

"It was the worst time of my life going through the divorce with the kids, so it was kind of a blessing - as these can be sometimes - to be able to use all those emotions and all those feelings and put them somewhere."

"As when you have kids and you have to get up every day - and it's hard to get up when you feel that bad - and you have to hide it all day at work and hide in front of the kids, so to be able to use it in the scenes and really look how I felt was great."