Jennifer Salvage Around The World in a Wedding Dress!

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Jennifer Salvage Around The World in a Wedding Dress!
Thu 14-03-2013

According to Herald Sun, Jennifer Salvage has traveled with her wedding dress around the world during her never-ending honeymoon with her husband Jeff!

The dress has survived fish blood, mud from the ocean and a lobster attack.

The couple are both teachers from New Jersey, and got married at the remote Easter Island in 2008, and ended up with quite a unique photographic project.

The pair went on a hunt for a wedding dress that could travel thousands of kilometres without getting ruined!

"When my husband and I decided to get married in the most remote, inhabited place in the world, Easter Island, we knew we needed a dress that could be stuffed in and out of a backpack without primping," Jennifer said.

"Considering the dress was flown over 11,265 kilometres, driven across an isolated island, and hand-carried up a sacred volcano crater en route to our wedding ceremony, it held up wonderfully."

They picked a dress designed specifically for travel by Maggie Sottero, an Australian-based company. 

"My husband kindly requested I wear it repeatedly to be photographed under different lighting conditions and various locations around the island to get that 'iconic image'."

"When we got home we planned our summer trips to the Alps and China for other projects and decided to take the dress with us," Jeff said. "When we set up shots the reaction people had was utterly flattering. We realised we stumbled upon a really cool idea and ran with it."

Jennifer has now posed in the dress more than 100 times in places as far flung as Iceland, France, Jamaica and New Zealand.

Their stunning photographs are showcased in their book "One Dress, One Woman, One World" with the couple also featuring on bridal websites around the world.

"We don't travel just to take a picture, we are already there," Jeff said. "I will keep doing it as long as it's fun for her. When you get older and you have your memories and stories, it's a great way to chronicle our life."