Jimmy Kimmel Jokes About Wedding

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Jimmy Kimmel Jokes About Wedding
Wed 31-07-2013

Jimmy Kimmel finally spoke about his wedding once he got back from his honeymoon with wife Molly McNearney.

"We are back from a two-week vacation. I have a beard. I got married…Which I guess means I have two beards!" Kimmel told E!.

Then he added, "The reason I got married is I needed a Panini maker and it seemed like the cheapest way to get it."

""weddings are very expensive. First, you have to ship the bride in from Russia. Then, there's the reception, you know how much 300 Lean Cuisine dinners cost? A lot."

Jimmy and Molly got married on July 13 in Ojai, California.

Gabourey Sidibe pulled a prank on the funnyman himself when she showed up to the ceremony in a white wedding dress.

Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Stanley Tucci and Howard Stern were among all on the star-studded guests to attend.