Jordan: 143 Marriages and 93 Divorces During Ramadan

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Jordan: 143 Marriages and 93 Divorces During Ramadan
Fri 18-07-2014

A survey done by the Civil Status And Passports Department revealed that there was 93 divorce cases in Jordan during the first half of the holy month Ramadan.

On the other hand the Civil Status And Passports Department states that there was 143 marriages that took place during the same period of time.

2010 had the highest rates of divorce in Jordan for the past 5 years, there was 4883 divorce cases and 62584 marriages.

A survey done by the Judge Department revealed that the highest rates of divorce are for couples between the ages of 30 - 40, as last year the divorce rates reached to 1252 divorce cases, with a drop in under-age marriages of young girls who are not yet 18, to reach 7 marriages in one year.

The survey also showed that the younger the wife is when she gets married the less the marriage will end in divorce. 89 divorce cases were found for women from ages 18 - 20, and 809 divorce cases for women who were between the ages 26 - 29.