Julie Bowen Hopes to Be Invited to Sofia Vergara's Wedding

Julie Bowen Hopes to Be Invited to Sofia Vergara's Wedding
Thu 29-01-2015

It sounds like Julie Bowen hasn't yet confirmed if she's invited to Sofía Vergara's upcoming wedding to fiancé Joe Manganiello.

"She never brings it up with us," Bowen told E! News. "We've asked her, we all like to give her a hard time being like, ‘If it's five people we're obviously not invited, but if it's 700 did we make the cut?' Her family alone is like 450 people. It's crazy."

Bowen added, "I want her to be happy with Joe. That's all I want."

Bowen says she hopes to be invited to be able to see what gorgeous gown Vergara wears on her big day. "I would like to see what she'd wear," the Emmy winner dished. "Would there be outfit changes? Would there be an aisle dress and then a post? Would there be a pre, during and after? That's kind of the only thing I'd care about. And what will he wear?"

Meanwhile, at yesterday's SAG Awards in L.A., Modern Family co-star Sarah Hyland talked about getting a wedding gift for Vergara. "I'm hoping there's a registration so I don't have to actually think about something," Hyland said. "I'll write a nice card and then give her what I know she wants because she requested it."

Source: E!