Julien Macdonald Unveils $6 Million Wedding Dress

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Julien Macdonald Unveils $6 Million Wedding Dress
Tue 16-09-2014

Julien Macdonald stunned the crowd at London Fashion Week when he unveiled a diamond-embroidered wedding dress which costs more than $6 million!

The bridal gown was judged to be a highlight of the Welsh designer's show at the Royal Opera House by many in the audience.

Model and television presenter Abbey Clancy praised the dress and crowned Macdonald "the king of sparkle".

"I absolutely loved the bridal stuff," she said. "It was so pretty and gorgeous."

Macdonald showed a range of slim-fitting pencil dresses, ruffled swimsuits and babydoll shift dresses before the stunning wedding gown.

He said: "The finale wedding dress is worth over four million pounds. It's covered with real diamonds and fresh water pearls."

He revealed that his inspiration for the collection, which had a theme of flowers mixed with tattoos, was a mermaid who lives in a tropical sea and "lures a very handsome man".

"My bride is a mermaid that swims in the sea, covered in treasure," he said.