Justin Theroux Almost Died On His Honeymoon In Bora Bora

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Justin Theroux Almost Died On His Honeymoon In Bora Bora
Sun 06-12-2015

Justin Theroux has opened up about his brush with death on his honeymoon, days after marrying wife Jennifer Aniston.

The couple was at Bora Bora with a group of their closest pals to celebrate their wedding, but it nearly went terribly wrong.

During his chat on Live with Kelly and Michael, Justin described how his decision to go scuba diving nearly cost him his life.

The actor revealed how he went down ten feet after looking at the “pretty fish” and the coral, and the following day was joined by some friends who had joined them.

After heading out on a boat, they were given a different scuba instructor from the one they had had on a previous day.

The scuba instructor didn’t speak much English and the language barrier proved a problem for the group, who had only just gone through some training earlier in the week.

After delving deep into the water, Justin saw that his oxygen tank was in the red and that he was about to run out.

He tried to communicate the issue to the instructor, who Justin claims had instead asked him to continue with the diving group.

Justin revealed that he did as he was told, and tried to enjoy the dive, but kept looking at the tank and noticed that he was in trouble.

When the instructor clocked on to what had happened, he quickly gave Justin the emergency respirator that he had been carrying and water gushed into the actor’s mouth.

Of that moment, Justin thought: "Why are we doing an emergency respirator when Earth is right there?”

But Justin later learned that the instructor couldn’t bring the group back to the surface quick enough as they had swam a big distance from the boat and it would have been too dangerous to swim back again.

Source: Mirror