JWoww Talks About Wedding to Roger

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JWoww Talks About Wedding to Roger
Wed 09-01-2013

Jersey Shore star Jenni Farley known as JWoww revealed she is very excited to marry Roger Matthews.

In a new interview with MTV,  Jenni said she hasn’t actually started planning anything for their summer wedding and is getting nervous about their upcoming nuptials.  She said: "Wedding update is hopefully by summer. Soon. My pulse just went up."

At this point the reality star said that she hasn't done any planning for her wedding at all, not even her dress. She said: "No, I haven’t really done anything. I’m still trying to look for a location, and me and Roger are still trying to figure out how many people."

"Jersey Shore" castmate, The Situation, says that he has never been to a wedding before and is happy that his first experience will be at JWoww’s ceremony.  He went on to say that because of his connection with JWoww that he wants his gift to her and Roger to be special.  He said: "We all know that I love to give gifts. I’m a gift person. I’m looking forward to doing my first wedding gift and for it to be JWoww.  I’ll probably look on the registry and then try to top the best present probably. I’m pretty sentimental like that."