Karin Gharawi is Miss Lebanon 2013

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Karin Gharawi is Miss Lebanon 2013
Tue 15-10-2013

Karin Gharawi was crowned Miss Lebanon 2013 last month in a huge event held at Biel in Beirut.

15 beautiful ladies walked the runway in evening dresses and bathing suits in front of the judges.

The judging committee included Mr. Zuhair Mrad, the international designer, Mr. Marcel Ghanem, Kalam El Nas presenter and renowned Media figure, Ms. Joelee Behlok, former Miss Lebanon, Mr. Nayla Touieni, Lebanese MP, Mr. Alain Aoun, Lebanese MP, Mr. Zalfa Boueiz, President of Zouk Mikael International Festival, Mr. Michel Habis, Advisor To The Ministers Of Tourism and Culture, Ms. Mona Fares, Ms. May Arida, designated among the top 100 European and Arab Women managers by the EPAM Media group, Women Chief Executive Officers of Belgium, and BE press.

Assi El Hillani was the guest of honor during the pageant show who sang a number of his hits songs.