Kate Beckinsale Removes Wedding Ring

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Kate Beckinsale Removes Wedding Ring
Sat 28-11-2015

Kate Beckinsale recently stepped out on the red carpet in London, and she was not wearing her wedding ring.

Kate Beckinsale's husband was deen with a 24-year-old model CJ Franco, hence the rumors about his split with Kate Beckinsale.

While this isn't the first time Kate and Len have been spotted without their rings, the couple have been at the centre of split rumours since Friday, when People reported the couple had been separated for several months.

"They are still friendly and spend time together in Los Angeles when Kate is there", the source said, and implicating that "there has been no drama" between the two.

The couple met on the set of fantasy thriller Underworld in 2003, and tied the knot the following year. 

Source: Voice Herald