Kate Winslet Gets a $200.000 Space Visit from Husband's Uncle

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Kate Winslet Gets a $200.000 Space Visit from Husband's Uncle
Sun 30-12-2012

Kate Winslet now Engaged to Ned RocknRoll, has received the best wedding gift from her husband's millionaire uncle.

Kate Winslet is set to travel to space after Richard Branson presented the actress with a $200,000 ticket on his Virgin Galactic suborbital vehicle.

Winslet wed Ned Rocknroll, the Virgin magnate’s nephew earlier this month, during a secret ceremony in New York.

Why was Kate presented such an extravagant gift? According to The Sun, Kate Winslet was presented with this pricey gift after last year she helped save the tycoon’s mother from a blaze when his multi-million Carribean villa caught fire, trapping people inside.

That was the time when Kate met her future husband, Ned Rocknroll,who works part-time for Virgin Galactic.

Over 500 people, including actor Ashton Kutcher, have already purchased tickets for a space ride on the Virgin vehicle. Prominent British cosmologist Stephen Hawking also received a gift ticket to space from Branson.

The vehicle is now undergoing flight-testing at the Mojave Air and Space Port in California.