Katy Perry Denies Pregnancy and Wedding Rumors

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Katy Perry Denies Pregnancy and Wedding Rumors
Tue 31-03-2015

Katy Perry and her team put OK! magazine in their place after they published some inaccurate stories about her.

Claiming that Katy Perry was pregnant and planning a wedding whilst she was expecting is certainly far from the truth!

The tabloid must've had a stern talking to by Katy's team because they apologized publicly to the singer and the world using Twitter!

OK! Magazine tweeted:

"In the March 2, 2015 print edition of OK! Magazine, we wrongly stated that Katy Perry was pregnant, and that she was planning a wedding."

"We acknowledge that Ms. Perry is not pregnant, and she is not planning a wedding. We regret the mistake and sincerely apologize to Ms. Perry"

A couple hours after their retraction, Katy responded with a simple reminder to her fans and all of the people of the world:

"REMEMBER these magazines are fiction designed for entertainment. NO ONE speaks for me. Instead let the previous tweets speak for themselves."