Kelly Clarkson on Planning her Wedding: "It's Hell!"

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Kelly Clarkson on Planning her Wedding: "It's Hell!"
Wed 16-01-2013

Kelly Clarkson is engaged to Blake Shelton's manager, Brandon Blackstock.

But Kellt Clarskson admits she wasn't the typical little girl who always dreamed about her wedding, so all this is a little overwhelming.

"I've never been that girl, so it's really hard. There's a lot of decisions from flowers to invitations," Kelly says.

"I didn't even know of a thing called 'save the date' until now. And we don't even have a date and everybody keeps asking."

In short, Kelly says, planning the wedding "is hell," let alone planning what her family will look like in the future.

So what about kids?

"We'll definitely have probably one 'cause he's already got two amazing kids, so I lucked out in that area," she said. "But yeah, that's down the road."

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