Khalid Khalil Steals the Spotlight from Arab Designers

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Khalid Khalil Steals the Spotlight from Arab Designers
Fri 15-02-2013

42 year old, Palestinian fashion designer Khalid Khalil, specializes in bridal wear for Arab royals.

Khaled Khalil was in the Emirates last week for his first appearance at the Bride Abu Dhabi exhibition.

He says: "My wedding gowns look massive, in budget and drama; big and dramatic. My dresses can start from Dh30,000 (US$8,167) and go up to hundreds of thousands of dirhams. But the models and bride move like these are featherweight because of the way they are built. We have reached 14 kilograms to 18kg. We also do the entire wedding trousseau, including lingerie, suits, jackets, dresses for honeymoon and events prior to and after the wedding. Sometimes an entire trousseau can have 40 pieces, and we would be working on a single customer for six to eight months."

"Around %60 of my clients are the royal families of the Arab world. For me, the top markets are Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman. I sell only to private clients. If the palace calls, we are there. Others have to come to our office in Amman. But we deliver personally to all clients. I am in talks to open an office in the UAE, but nothing has been finalised yet."