Khaliji Woman Asks Court to Help Her Get Money She Spent on Ex-Husband

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Khaliji Woman Asks Court to Help Her Get Money She Spent on Ex-Husband
Tue 04-03-2014

A woman from one of the GCC countries has filed a case at the Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance against her ex-husband for financial returns.

She has requested the court to assign an auditor to calculate the money she spent on him while she was married to him.

According to court records, she wants the auditor to ascertain the amount she lent him during their marriage and make a report.

She claimed that her ex-husband borrowed about Dh700,000 from her. ($190,579)

Meanwhile, she had taken a personal loan from bank of Dh145,000 ($39,477) to buy a car, but he had seized it for himself.

She alleged that she had taken another loan of Dh35,000 ($9,529) and gave it to him to buy another car.

Similarly, she claimed that he took Dh100,000 ($27,225)  for interior decorations of their home and did not return.

She also claimed that he took Dh170,000 ($46,283.) from shares; about Dh85,000 ($23,141) of rents from homes she owned; a bus worth Dh78,000 ($21,236) she bought it with her own money which he transferred into his name.

She asked the court to also include Dh1,800 ($490.063) renewal fee for residence visa of the maid which he took from her as well as the maid’s ticket which she paid.

She claimed to have paid Dh4,600 ($1,252) in salary per month to househelps, including driver, cook and maid.

She alleged that her ex-husband withdrew Dh49,638 ($13,514) from her account and another Dh13,305. ($3,622)

Meanwhile, the defendant’s lawyers have asked the case to be dismissed because of lack of authenticity.

Meanwhile, the court has adjourned the case for judgment and the woman’s lawyers have asked the court to subject the defendant to take the oath for taking the above-mentioned amount.

Source: Emirates 24/7