Is Kim Kardashian's Marriage Fake?

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Is Kim Kardashian's Marriage Fake?
Tue 31-01-2012

According to Bonnie Fuller, the President and Editor-in-Chief of Hollywood Life, there are 4 reasons why Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' marriage is fake:

Reason 1: "Kim never spends any time wrapped up in normal post-bride obsessions. Any woman who's been married knows that your first weeks of married life are consumed with post-wedding follow-ups. Brides stress over the thank you notes for their wedding gifts. They fuss over the wedding photos and making an album. They can hardly wait to see the wedding videos -- the personal ones, not just their upcoming Wedding Special". 

Reason 2: "Kim Kardashian was already dissing and ignoring her sister-in-law Kaela Humphries by September 13, less than a month after the August 20 wedding. Kim claims that Kris Humphries never told her that Kaela was coming to NYC -- hard to believe -- and then, that she didn't want to see Kaela because she is "having so many issues with Kris," and would find it hard to "put on a happy face."

Reason 3: "Kim was already contacting medium John Edwards to reach out to her late father for comfort on her marriage to Kris Humphries just a month after the marriage.  Kim confesses in the Jan. 22 episode that she's been going through a lot "emotionally and mentally" and she says she'll "find comfort in connecting to my dad again." She also decides not to tell her new husband that she's going to do it. "It makes me not want to talk to him about it," she said.

So again -- she's miserable in her marriage just six weeks after the wedding and keeping secrets from Kris about talking to a medium.Would you hide anything major from the man you loved? Wouldn't you be so excited to discuss contacting your late father? Is this not bizarre behavior from a newlywed?"

Reason 4: "Kim never EVER wanted to spend time with Kris Humphries! She avoided him from almost the moment they arrived in NYC -- August 29 -- nine days after their wedding!

Kim appears happy with Kris for only the first two episodes of KKTNY. At first she is so happy, she is ready to get pregnant. But by September 13, she is avoiding her sister-in-law because she has so many issues with Kris.  

In the meantime, Kim spends time with BFF Jonathan Cheba, jets with her sisters to appear at Sears on Sept. 18 in LA and tweets that she takes a trip to Mystic, Connecticut to be with Kourney and Mason on September 29. Then she leaves for Dubai on October 12 for four days."

Bonnie Fuller also adds: " That is NOT normal newlywed behavior. Newlyweds are obsessed with each other -- anyone who's ever been around one knows that. It's also nowhere near enough time to be having MAJOR issues with a new husband.

Kim somehow would have had to fall out of love with Kris with epic speed to be having divorce-ready issues two weeks after the honeymoon.

Since he didn't abuse her physically, verbally or emotionally or cheat -- what could he have done to provoke her speedy revulsion?"

What do you people think? was Kim's marriage to Kris fake and only for publicity?