Kim Kardashian is Now Officially Divorced

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Kim Kardashian is Now Officially Divorced
Mon 22-04-2013

After more than a year Kim Kardashian is now officially divorced from Kris Humphries!

The judge explained that Kim has reached to a settlement with her ex-husband Kris.

Kris Humphries shocked his fans with the news of his divorce as he was against it, after claiming that Kim Kardashian tricked him into this marriage.

The divorce trial was scheduled to be on May 6 but Kim and Kris shocked everyone with their divorce announcement.

It looks like Kris gave up after the long fight and especially that he has no evidence that Kim used their marriage for money and fame.

Kim was seen crying from joy after she got divorced as she was worried she would have her baby from Kanye West while married to Kris Humphries!