Kim Kardashian Reveals Wedding Plans

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Kim Kardashian Reveals Wedding Plans
Tue 18-02-2014

Kim Kardashian recently shared some details regarding her wedding to Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian shared the details with Us Weekly, revealing the couple’s fancy wedding plans.

The wedding will feature signature wedding scents, and

Hollywood’s top wedding coordinators are working to satisfy even the highest of expectations. Their ideas to help ensure the couple throws a truly one-of-a-kind celebration include providing a personal butler for each guest, chartering a private jet, creating a custom couture dress code for guests, and renting out an island, villa, or a plush Parisian palace.

Kim and Kanye were hoping to have their wedding in France’s renowned Palace of Versailles but when that didn't work out, they are now be looking at the illustrious Chateau d’Usse, also in France.

Will Kim and Kanye be wearing crowns on their wedding? Kim revealed that they might be wearing handcrafted his and her headpieces by none other than Kanye West himself.