Kim Kardashian Wedding Guests to Sign Confidentiality Agreement

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Kim Kardashian Wedding Guests to Sign Confidentiality Agreement
Sun 16-03-2014

In an attempt to stop details being leaked, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are telling all wedding guests that they must sign a confidentiality agreement.

The guests will also have their phones confiscated to prevent photos being shared without their knowledge or agreement.

No friends or family members will be exempt from this, even those who understand the need for privacy from the press now and then. The news comes despite the couple allegedly allowing a network to film their entire day for people to see.

All wedding guests will have to sign the confidentiality agreement if they want to attend Kim Kardashian’s wedding, except two celebrities. Sources close to the couple claims that West will not ask Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z to sign these non-disclosure contracts. They will not have to hand over their cell phones either, but will likely feel discouraged from using them.

The chances of Beyonce and Jay-Z leaking anything to the press is highly unlikely considering they understand the need for privacy, but it does suggest double standards. No other celebrities will be off the hook.

Source: Guardian