Kim Kardashian's Wedding Planner: "Kim Will Marry Again!"

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Kim Kardashian's Wedding Planner: "Kim Will Marry Again!"
Sun 12-02-2012

Kim Kardashian's marriage is still number one on the tabloids! As we always report you the latest updates and news, this one comes from Kim Kardashian's wedding planner Sharon Sacks!

Sharon Sacks, the creator of the multi-million dollar wedding, truly believes that Kim will fall in love again and tie the knot. This is no surprise since Kim admits she is a hopeless romantic.

"I would never have done a wedding if it was fake," the wedding planner told Hollywood Life. "Kim got married for the right reasons and so did Kris and it's sad. It's the journey they needed to take for happiness for each other."

"I don't know what happened. All I can tell you is celebrities love to share their weddings but they don't share their marriage."

We don't know whether Kim will be walking down the aisle anytime soon, but we are sure that when she does, her wedding planner Sharon Sacks will be there to plan the whole thing.