Kirsten Dunst's Summer was Filled with Weddings!

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Kirsten Dunst's Summer was Filled with Weddings!
Thu 01-11-2012

Kirsten Dunst has attended her fair share of weddings this summer, according to Courier Mail this is what the star had to say:

"I was a bridesmaid, a maid of honor, went to another wedding ... This was definitely a heavy wedding year for me."

As her school friends walked one-by-one down the aisle, the 30 year old claims to have felt no pressure to get married herself.

"Not at all, no. All in the time that it should come."

"I'm not worried. When you do worry, when you fixate on those things, that's when it doesn't happen. Like when you hear about couples who adopt a child and then they get pregnant, you know? That kind of psychology."

"When you're not thinking about it, that's when it comes your way."

And it looks like Kirsten Dunst is not only playing maid of honor in real life but in her new movie too!

The star is starring in the new movie Bachelorette, a movie focused on 3 women who go crazy when their 4th friend from highschool gets married.