Kristen Stewart Declines Robert Pattinson's Invitation

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Kristen Stewart Declines Robert Pattinson's Invitation
Mon 16-12-2013

Rumor has it that Robert Pattinson used an excuse to call Kristen Stewart, and then, at some point during their conversation, he invited her to spend the holidays with him in London.

But Kristen has supposedly turned down Rob's invite, because, interestingly, she doesn't want to see his sisters who hate her.

Apparently, after the whole Rupert Sanders scandal, in addition to the world, Rob's family, understandably, hates Kristen.

According to a source, "Kristen would love to see Rob in London, but she doesn't want to be the source of any tension between Rob and his sisters. She feels like she's on good terms with Rob's mom after all the cheating drama. If things were different with the rest of his family, she would be there for Christmas, but she still has concerns."