Kuwait Divorce Rate Highest in The Gulf and 2nd Globally

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Kuwait Divorce Rate Highest in The Gulf and 2nd Globally
Thu 15-01-2015

Kuwait ranked first in the Gulf and the second globally in divorce rates between spouses over the past 10 years.

And in recent statistics released by the Ministry of Justice on marriage and divorce revealed by Kuwaiti newspapers on the first seven months of 2014,it shows that 8160 marriages took place among citizens while 4136 divorces took place as well.

What is interesting is that among these cases there are 722 divorces known as "Khula'a" which is divorce at instance of wife who pays compensation, or divorce sought by wife.

As in 2013, there were 10262 marriages, and 4036 divorce cases, which means the continuation of rising rates in divorce every year.

According to Research and Statistics Department of the Ministry of Justice Statistics, the divorce cases during the first 7 months of 2014 were about 50.6% compared to the total cases of marriage.

The data also show that the month of January has the highest record of marriages and divorces in the country, as there were 1452 marriages and 513 divorces. While July had the least divorce and marriage rates with 656 marriage cases and 380 divorce cases.

The statistics indicated that the total divorce cases that have been documented amounted to 4136 case not all are among the marriages recorded in the first 7 months of last year.

According to statistics, the number of applicants for a medical examination before marriage was 7870 citizens, and result of unsafe examination were only applied to 27 cases, while the total number of illegal marriages and divorces was 13410 documents.