Kuwaiti Actress Shjoon Al-Hajri Gets Divorced

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Kuwaiti Actress Shjoon Al-Hajri Gets Divorced
Wed 24-04-2013

Kuwaiti actress and TV host Shjoon Al-Hajri announced that she is now divorced from her husband Ahmad Al-Breki.

Shjoon explained that she asked for a divorce after she found out that her husband was married in secret to another woman.

The star tweeted: "I'm very shocked right now but you need to know that Ahmad Al-Breki has nothing to do with me from now on, from the day I found out he was married I stopped trusting him he will also not interfere with my work."

Shjoon's fans were all shocked as they followed her love life tweet by tweet, from the beginning when she used to tweet her love to Ahmad until their separation and divorce.