Kuwaiti Wife Finds Out About Her Husband's Affair Through Delivery Order!

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Kuwaiti Wife Finds Out About Her Husband's Affair Through Delivery Order!
Tue 13-05-2014

A Kuwaiti woman who used her husband’s mobile phone to order a meal from a local fast food restaurant was shocked to learn that he has a second address apparently used for a relationship with another woman.

Although the husband, identified only by Fahd, later denied having an affair, his wife packed her things and took her two children aged three and five years to her family’s home, insisting that he divorces her.

The Kuwaiti Arabic language daily Alanba said the woman suspected her husband when she asked him if she can use his mobile phone to order a meal for them after her phone’s battery ran down.

“When the restaurant worker saw the mobile phone number on his system, he simply told her that he already knows the address of ‘Mr Fahd’ in Salimiyya area flat number 16….the woman was shocked,” the paper said.

“That address is not where she and her husband live…she called the restaurant again and again and got that same address…she was then very suspicious.”

Apparently influenced by detective movies, the wife decided to watch her husband by driving daily to that address and waiting in her car for long hours.

On the third day, she was about to lose patience before she saw her husband’s car parked near the building mentioned by the restaurant worker.

“She phoned her husband and asked him where he is…he told her he is still at work and would be late that night…..she knew he was lying,” Alanba said.

“A few minutes later, she saw her husband getting out of the building…at that moment, she was sure he was being unfaithful to her and has rented the apartment for his frivolous acts…she later called a friend at the Ministry of Electricity to verify that her husband is the tenant of that flat through electricity insurance. Her friend confirmed this to her and said he had been in the flat for 6 years.”

The paper said the wife appointed a lawyer to get a divorce from her husband, whom she married 8 years ago. But it added that the husband has refused to divorce her, insisting that he is not involved in an affair.

“Her husband told her he had rented this apartment to use it as a store... he then told her he had rented it for a friend… this has made the woman more determined to get a divorce,” it said.

Source: Emirates 24/7