Lamar Odom Still Wants to Be Married to Khloe Kardashian

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Lamar Odom Still Wants to Be Married to Khloe Kardashian
Mon 15-06-2015

A close friend of the basketball star told PEOPLE: "It's no secret Lamar regrets a lot of things. He'd still love to be married to Khloé."

The source added the brunette beauty, 30, is also still fond of her estranged spouse and would have loved the chance to reconcile their marriage.

The insider added: "There's a part of her that wishes it worked out, too."

And it appears Khloe is still undecided about the future of their relationship after she was accused by her sister Kim Kardashian West of "flirting" with her ex during a new clip from 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' which aired following the midseason finale last week.

After witnessing a phone call between the couple, Kim, 34, says:"You're like flirting with him and called off your whole divorce? I just can't take it."To which Khloe responds: "Well good. You don't have to."

However, just last month the star was said to be ready to finalise her divorce and had "finally reached a breaking point" after it was alleged Lamar had started taking drugs again.

A source said: "Lamar has fallen off the rails again. They were trying to work things out, but Lamar isn't shaping up well at all. He recently left his home and he's now staying with a cousin of his. He can't handle his bills, his career, or his life."

Source: NZ City