Latest Cake Trend in Dubai: Cakes in Jars!

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Latest Cake Trend in Dubai: Cakes in Jars!
Wed 07-08-2013

Rama Al Jundi has taken the UAE by storm with her new innovation "Jarful"!

“I myself always say that I’d rather have a slice of cake,” says Al Jundi. “A cupcake is really hard to eat! I always use a knife and fork. I want the right amount of icing to the right amount of cake.”

The 24 year old Dubai based entrepreneur from Syria decided to go into the food business with her husband, Abdulwahab Bahrawi.

Inspired by the beautiful images of jar-based foods she saw on Pinterest, Jarful was born. 

The official launch was in Ramadan, and along with the cakes and a moreish version of ban-offee pie, she offers an assortment of Arab sweets including meghli and muhalabiya.

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The National