Leighton Meester Assigned Ambassador for Biotherm

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Leighton Meester Assigned Ambassador for Biotherm
Mon 25-11-2013

Biotherm, the L’Oréal-owned brand unveiled a new product line as well as introduced its new global brand ambassador, actress Leighton Meester, to an audience of mainly Chinese media and VIPs last week.

Leighton Meester joined Patrick Kullenberg, general manager of Biotherm International, and other L’Oréal executives for an event in an art gallery on Shanghai’s historic Bund waterfront to unveil her new campaign with the beauty brand. It was the actress’ second trip to Shanghai. Last year, she attended an event hosted by luxury jeweler Harry Winston.

The central reason for the launch in China “is that the epicenter of the brand has shifted in the last 20 years,” Kullenberg said. “China, in the last two years, has become our number-one market, which was not the case just three or five years ago. It is our number-one country, so it felt right to do our international event here in Shanghai.”

Kullenberg said Biotherm selected Leighton Meester as its global brand ambassador because she “is very much in line with our values as a more natural brand.” Meester will first appear in the brand’s campaigns for face-care products, including Aquasource, starting early in 2014.

“She has this glow about her,” Kullenberg said. “We wanted to have one person who was legitimate with our desire to recruit younger customers to the brand. We wanted to move away from just models to people who have real stories and something to say — more texture and more depth to them.”

Whether calculated or not, the selection of Leighton Meester is also strategic for China. The actress is overwhelmingly popular among young women here, primarily for her role as Blair Waldorf in “Gossip Girl.” During the Harry Winston event in 2012, so many fans showed up to see the actress that police threatened to shut it down.

Leighton Meester said during an interview on Thursday afternoon in the Waldorf Astoria on the Bund that she was not aware of her popularity in China, mainly because she has been unable to talk to Chinese on Twitter, which is banned on the Mainland. “I have never spoken to people over Twitter from China,” she said. “I get to speak to someone in Argentina or Israel, but I never speak to people from here. It is insular. It is really interesting. It is actually kind of nutty, but we won’t talk about that.”

As for her experience as a brand ambassador, Leighton Meester said it starkly contrasts with her work as an actress. “It is so opposite of what I am used to,” she said. “It is more technical, whereas I am very emotional and there is really not a lot of room for that. But it is fun. I get to travel, meet new people and be personal with people, and the fact that I actually like the brand is really wonderful.”

Biotherm also unveiled a new campaign for Aquasource, the beauty brand’s best-selling hydration products. Early next year, Biotherm will launch Skin Best, an instant skin corrector with an optical smoothing effect, in Europe.

Adapted from: WWD