Leonardo DiCaprio on Women and Marriage

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Leonardo DiCaprio on Women and Marriage
Thu 12-04-2012

Jordan's April 2012 issue of Viva Magazine published an interview with the Hollywood star Lionardo DiCaprio on his amazing career, love life and his views on women, marriage, friendship and more.


When asked about his reputation of being a bit of a ladies' man and what he likes in women, Leonardo replied: "A lot of things. Women are great. Pretentious or vindictive women turn me off. Opportunistic women turn me off. What turns me on about a girl is what most people find attractive - something genuine. Being a good person, having a sense of humour - all that corny stuff."


Leonardo was then asked if he plans on getting married and having a family one day, he answered: "Me? Sure. I'll get married one day."


We hope Leo will find his love and tie the knott soon.