Living Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Updates!

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Living Barbie Valeria Lukyanova Updates!
Mon 28-05-2012

Looks like the real life Barbie Valeria Lukyanova is still getting the media's attention, and has become an internet sensation!

Valeria has her YouTube channel and Facebook Page, with over 215,000 "Likes".

According to IB Times, Dr. Keith Ablow, wrote to FOX News on Monday about why he believes Valeria Lukyanova is actually dangerous.

"Now, it seems, a la Valeria/Barbie, our selves may become entirely dispensable and disposable, in favor of becoming a living duplicate of a famous product, or a dead ringer for a celebrity, or (and, trust me, this will happen, too) a would-be tiger, tattooed orange, with stripes, wearing a tail at all times," wrote Ablow.




"I don't know the particulars of Valeria's psyche. One could theorize, however, that a woman moved to imitate a doll -a woman who looks, in fact, lifeless in many of her pictures- may have become so estranged from her real thoughts and feelings and real life history that she has cut herself free from them and is floating in a synthetic world of gawkers who treat her much as she seems to treat herself- an entertainment phenomenon, an 'item,' not a human being."

He goes on to discuss not only plastic surgery, but also drug use and the ramifications of viewing unrealistic reality TV.

"The living Barbie, if a sign of things to come, predicts a time when people flee from their real emotions and real capacity to change their lives and empathize with those of others. It predicts a time when what passes for 'happiness' is being anethetized, when living this 'life' requires one's psychological death, when 'self-expression' requires mimicry of others, even of inanimate objects or fictional characters," Dr. Ablow wrote for FOX News.





On the other hand Valeria seems to be going through trouble with a man who claims that it's all a scam!

"It's all a scam and it is fake," said Tony Oxley says. "This same woman tried to get money from me a couple of weeks ago."

"I don't think she is real, and I am convinced she is a scam targeting people," he said.

IB Times also reported:


The model claims to be a music composer and an Opera singer, posted a response video on YouTube.

She claims to have written more than 70 songs and says that her figure is not a result of any surgery but is purely because she does not smoke or drink and takes good care of herself. She calls herself a spiritual person and is upset that the media is focusing on her looks and not on the fact that she is a talented singer. 


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