Lujain Al Hathloul and Fahad Al Butairi's Wedding

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Lujain Al Hathloul and Fahad Al Butairi's Wedding
Sun 12-04-2015

Saudi activist Lujain Al Hathloul got married to Saudi stand up comedian Fahad Al Butairi on 9 April 2015.

Some pictures were shared on social media channels and went viral on the internet.

Lujain got the media's attention becuase she is considered to be a Saudi driving activists; she drove to the Sauei border from Abu Dhabi on November 30  2014 and attempted to cross into Saudi Arabia, but authorities confiscated her passport and held her at the border crossing in her car overnight. She was joined on December 1 2014 by al-`Amoudi, who drove to the border from Dubai to bring al-Hathloul supplies, but did not intend to enter Saudi Arabia.

At Abu Dhabi Film Festival in September 2014, Lujain Al Hathloul announced her engagement to Saudi stand up comedian Fahad Al Butairi.