Luxury Jewelry House Dhamani is Exclusive Select Atelier for Argyle Pink Diamonds in the Middle East

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Luxury Jewelry House Dhamani is Exclusive Select Atelier for Argyle Pink Diamonds in the Middle East
Mon 16-01-2017

Premium, award-winning luxury jewelery house, Dhamani, is delighted to announce its appointment as the exclusive Select Atelier for Argyle Pink Diamonds in the Middle East. Created in 1969, House of Dhamani yields a deep understanding of the intrinsic value and cultural importance of jewelery in today's world and this new partnership will allow the brand to offer the rarest of all stones, the Argyle Pink Diamond, for the first time in the Middle Eastern region. As such, this news promises to set a new bar in covetable Fine Diamond Jewelery, elevating Dhamani above its contemporaries, towards its emerging status as global luxury brand. 


In a world filled with luxury products, Argyle Pink Diamonds are likened to works of fine art, hidden treasures, first edition books and unique icons, loved by royalty throughout the ages. Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine is the first and only ongoing source of rare pink, violet and red diamonds in the world, in history.  And yet less than 1% of the annual production from the Argyle mine are pink diamonds. To put this rarity into perspective, an entire year’s worth of Argyle Pink Diamonds would fit into the palm of your hand, whilst the number of red and violet diamonds can be counted on the fingers of one hand.


‘DPINK’ by Dhamani Collection marks the highly anticipated launch of the first Argyle Pink Diamond collection in Dubai. The launch of ‘DPINK’ by Dhamani is proudly organised in association with Dubai Shopping Festival, and is part of the ‘Gold and Jewelery” themed retail segment of the festival, which runs until 28 January.  DSF is organised by the Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE), an agency of Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism).  

The reveal is announced together with news that 5% of all sales from the pieces will be pledged to the Al Jalila Foundation, a Dubai not-for-profit that was founded by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai and is dedicated to transforming lives through medial education and research. The initiative is met with open arms by the Dhamani family, who join hand in hand to echo the visions of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai and support 2017 as the official ‘Year of Giving’ in the UAE.


Amit Dhamani, CEO and Managing Director of Dhamani said: “Since 1969, Our family has been tirelessly devoted to working with the rarest, most brilliant stones and perfect cuts. Our new relationship with Argyle Pink Diamonds is a wonderful honour for us, and showcases our commitment to working with the finest partners to offer something new and exclusive to our prized client based of international jewelery connoisseurs. This is a significant move, that we feel further takes us into the international league of global jewelery brands.

He continues: “Dhamani is proud to be a Dubai brand and is the exclusive right holder of The Dubai Cut Diamond and one of the first member companies to join the DMCC Free Zone. Since the inception of Dhamani in the UAE all of our endeavours are clearly aligned with the vison of our great rulers. We are inspired by our relationship with the Al Jalila Foundation, which highlights the significance of 2017 as the official ‘Year of Giving’ in the UAE. This is a tremendous opportunity to play a vital role in the UAE’s humanitarian approach.”


Josephine Johnson, CEO and official spokesperson of Argyle Pink Diamonds adds: “Pink Diamonds are amongst the most intriguing and highly valued gems in the world, both because of their richness of color and their rarity.  We are delighted to announce our exclusive partnership with Dhamani that will allow Middle Eastern clients a new opportunity to acquire pieces that are remarkable in terms of quality of design and collectability. The DPINK Collection is a glittering tribute to the beauty of our pink diamonds and a powerful statement of Dhamani’s world-class luxury.  We trust in the craftsmanship of the Dhamani family and are excited about the response from the market.”  

Dr Abdulkareem Sultan Al Olama, CEO of Al Jalila Foundation, concludes: “We are proud of our partnership with Dhamani and their continued support of our vision to transform lives through medical innovation. Dhamani is a long term supporter of our ‘Brest Friends’ programme which provides treatment for breast cancer patients and funds breast cancer research in the UAE. As the ‘Year of Giving’ kicks off we are grateful to be working together again to advance medical research to improve patients’ lives and contribute to a healthier and happier nation. On behalf of Al Jalila Foundation we express our sincere appreciation to Amit Dhamani and Dhamani for choosing Al Jalila Foundation as the charity partner for the exclusive Dhamani DPINK collection.” 


Saeed Mohammad Measam Al Falasi, Executive Director, Retail and Strategic Alliances, DFRE, said: “We wish to congratulate Dhamani on the launch of DPINK, as part of the gold and jewelery themed programme of activities during Dubai Shopping Festival 2017. We are always looking for unique events to offer DSF visitors and this year we feel excited about being able to continue generating unparalleled shopping excitement during the festival thanks to the support of leading brands like Dhamani. Such initiatives are further evidence of the strong cooperation between DFRE and partners in the private sector, which has contributed to the success of DSF every year.”

For over 45 years, Dhamani has raised the bar in the jewelery industry by presenting a unique selection of handpicked rare gems and diamond-encrusted jewelery. The opening of The Dubai Mall ‘Dhamani 1969’ store in 2014 also marked the first major step towards positioning this prominent home-grown brand on a global platform. The announcement of the exclusive relationship with Argyle Pink Diamonds highlights Dhamani as a pioneer in bringing artistry and luxury together to elevate the brand to a world class status, further supported with planned global expansion across London and Singapore.

Visitors and jewelery connoisseurs alike are welcome to view the DPINK collection at the Dhamani 1969 store at The Dubai Mall from 11th January 2017.