Mahmoud El Esseily Opens Up About His Engagement

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Mahmoud El Esseily Opens Up About His Engagement
Thu 30-04-2015

Egyptian star Mahmoud El Esseily got engaged to Nadine Al Mulla a few weeks ago.

Mahmoud El Esseily opened up about his engagement and gave all the details on his bride-to-be Nadine.

Nadine is 26 years old, she German/Egyptian,  and the couple have known each other for a few months only.

Mahmoud El Esseily revealed that the engagement took place at her house in Al Zamalik.

He also explained that they have not set a fixed date yet but they're hoping to get married in November.

The star revealed that they have bought the engagement rings together and are now planning the rest of their future together.

Mahmoud El Esseily was previously married and has been divorced for 3 years and has a son named Ali.

Click here for pictures of the couple's engagement party!