Main Reason Behind Divorce: Lack of Communication

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Main Reason Behind Divorce: Lack of Communication
Mon 03-12-2012

Studies show that lack of communication is the number one reason as to why couples get divorced!

Experts have found that nagging is a major culprit - relentless reminders, suggestions and advice on how, when and why we should do things.

The 1st communication habit that leads to divorce is in-authenticity, in which people say "yes" when they really mean "no".

When people systematically accept things against their will, shut down to keep the peace and rationalize why that's okay, they set themselves up for resentment and anger down the line, a daily reported.

Incongruence is the 2nd problem as most of the communication between people is non-verbal, and when that is out of sync with words, people send mixed messages.

The 3rd reason for divorce is having a win-lose attitude. In the world of neuro-linguistic programming, effective communication is when a message is not simply sent, but transmitted and received by the listener.
When talking about uncomfortable topics, it becomes easy to be judgmental, blaming and defensive - tactics that lead to communication breaking down.

Interrupting is another problem that plagues couples, as they don't allow the other person to formulate an answer. On this level, men and women communicate very differently.

Men often complain that they are still thinking about an answer when their partner starts pestering them for a quicker response or asks another question while they are still thinking about the last one.

The 5th most common problem that causes tension is focusing on the negative, and impoliteness among each other.